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Saturday, December 18, 2010

When life hands you whatever

The seitan recipe mentioned in this post is still being developed. I used tomato ketchup as per the recipe I was working from and it was too sweet for my taste, so next time it shall be tomato paste instead. Plus, I used too much oil and the results were too soft. BUT. There are other ways to slice a loaf.

I used some of the round one trial results for a breakfast burrito this morning. Cubed and seasoned with some veggie grill seasoning, and sauteed before adding the veggies, the cubes got nice and crispy and almost bacon-y and added further wonderfulness to breakfast. Too much oil turns out to be great for frying seitan. Last night I sauteed/seasoned julienned strips of seitan the same way, until crispy, and they went over pasta (to much, well at least my, acclaim).

You almost can't ruin seitan if you start out with the right ratio of dry/wet ingredients. There will always be something you can do with it even if you don't love it all by itself. If I had enough left over I was going to also try some paper thin slices (breakfast strip sized), marinated in a little liquid smoke and maybe some Worcestershire sauce, and then fried up, but alas, there are not many of the 'results' left so on to a new round of trials...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Breakfast of painters

There are some rooms that are starting to look all Martha Stewart here, even if it's only walls and woodwork. Most of the house is still trashed due to various piles of painting and repair paraphernalia strewn about. So not much cooking, although there is a lot of reading about cooking!

Hey- should count for something.

On recent weekends lunch has often been bypassed so I've decided being a piglet at breakfast is OK. This weekend I was said piglet, with a soon to be legendary (in my own mind) breakfast quesadilla.

Now to do this properly all the innards should be sauteed briefly (as they were) and then sandwiched between two tortillas (as they were) and then grilled on both sides (as they were not) to get the full quesadilla experience. Sadly, I was in a hurry to start the endless painting and the toaster oven stood in for the grill (which is packed away in the Storage Unit That Just Raised Their Monthly Fee- Happy Holidays!) But it tasted like more anyway!

Notice that in order to ensure full quality control, the frontmost quarter was chomped carefully sampled before being photographed.

The painter's breakfast was assembled with green peppers, mushrooms, and onions sauteed in some Earth Balance, scrambled tofu (about 5 oz., but 4 oz. would have been plenty) seasoned with the indispensable scramble seasoning (which has undergone some tweaking), and sprinkled with a little bit o' non-dairy cheese shreds. Layered between two tortillas, the 'dilla was heated in the little oven at 350 F for just a few minutes to make everybody nice and toasty, and I was nomming one of the best breakfasts I've had in eons in no time. Probably made a bit too much filling as things were falling out on all sides but we are not being graded on neatness.

If this were paired with hash browns I think it would make a fabulous breakfast-for-dinner meal.