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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Pop Pup (micro camper)

Speaking of Pop Pup, here we are in action on a previous trip.

Probably would not have been suited to the snow and sub freezing temps this weekend.

Abandoned ship for the first camping trip

This weekend was to be the first camping trip since school ended, and since temps were predicted in the 20s at night, along with snow, I bailed. Pop Pup (micro camper) is not equipped with kick butt heat.

Looked up a pic from May of '06, taken at Tuckahoe State Park. The blossoms wouldn't be this far along, but jeeze, we didn't expect buds covered in snow!

Tricia just called to tell me it was snowing. The rest of the group is there and trapped in their Gucci campers.

We shall try again in a month or so; maybe the new camera lens will be here. I'm tired of smushy photos, can't wait to try a faster lens. The new one is a Nikon 50mm 1.8, good for portraits but will try it out on landscape stuff too.