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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Smoothing into summer

Happy summer solstice, all!

In honor of the one month anniversary of my last post, here is the latest from the WTM kitchen (well actually not the latest, but the only thing I currently have a picture for):

Smoothies and lemongrass!


Recently acquired is a kick ass blender. This has been coveted for a couple of years and though I had no business shelling out over $350 for this gadget, I will defend said purchase to my dying breath. High powered blenders annihilate EVERYTHING. Which is great if you want to eat more in the way of whole fruits and veggies but don't like a lot of them in the raw state with their clothes on (the skins).

Enter your basic BlendTec or Vitamix. I chose a BlendTec because it can do dry or wet ingredients in the same jar, at least it claims to, and the Vitamix wants you to purchase a separate jar for dry blending. So far I have just been making smoothies to try to get more fruit into my overfed, undernourished self, and this I believe: smoothies rock!

My blender came with a boatload of recipes (and typos, by the way- can these companies not afford copy editors?) but many involve more than just fruit. My craving right now is for the raw ingredients, no ice, no milk, no flavorings, no nada (although I added soy milk a couple of times and it was fine, it's equally fine without).

Favorite smoothie blend follows. Oh, and the lemongrass? Next post I'm afraid- I don't have a picture yet of the little guys that were rooting during the smoothie shoot, and subsequently blossomed into plants. There were six in the bunch, purchased from the Asian grocer, and the root ends were cut off and placed in water- all rooted.

It makes a difference to try rooting tropical plants in warm weather instead of January. January doesn't work (been there- Fail). Even though you are trying to root them indoors, somehow they know.

Watermelon Smoothies

4 cups watermelon chunks, cut small (about 1")
6 strawberries, tops removed
1 banana, cut in 2" chunks
1 firm apple (such as Gala or Fuji), quartered, seeded, and cut in 1" chunks
1 cup soy or almond milk, if you insist

Place fruit in the blender in the order listed and process until smooth, or press "Smoothie" on a BlendTec and let 'er rip. This will just about fill a 32 oz. jar, and make 2 generous servings (or more, if you are reasonable about the serving size).

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