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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The garden in my mind

Just a quickie post with a link to my new favorite seed envelope template and some recent dabblings. There will most likely be no garden this year, however that doesn't stop me from pretending there is.

Maybe there will be an herb pot here or there, maybe a few, but there definitely won't be anything that puts actual food on the table until the move is complete. Which has become somewhat of a sore point, since every time I get something fixed two other broken things pop up to take its place.

I know we are on the wrong end of the season for gathering and storing seeds for next year, but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead for those of us who will have a garden!

Put in a 'mater plant for me, if you have a little extra room...

Update 4/9/11: Have added a few more envelope sets on the Scribd page, where the link below resides.

Garden Medley

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