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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Guarding the garden

Magnolia discovered the interloper and proceeded to attempt a dispatch of him/her. Problem was, Magnolia does not really know how to do a proper dispatch as she was ripped from the teachings of her feral mother at 'round about ten weeks, whence she came to live at WTM with her sister Rosa.

Luckily for the interloper. Snakes are not at all unwelcome in my garden, as long as they do not dispatch the gardener, so I shooed Magnolia and managed to get a portrait of our visitor before the exit stage right.

I couldn't determine the length, which was substantial in comparison to the width, which was probably no more than 5/8" at the widest (looked like a standard American seam width, for those of us who have used commercial clothing patterns). We have us a young garter snake, perhaps (or a ribbon snake)? Garter snakes are reputedly eaters of slugs, and so are deserving of the guardian title.

I hope we have not scared away our young guardian for good, even though there will be new gardeners replacing me here eventually who may not be like minded.