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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Survey says...

We don't need no stinkin' tarp! REAL birds eat right outta the snow!

They ate off the tarp too (see the last post for backstory; the squirrels found it first), but it turned out to be completely unnecessary. And despite all the admonitions from the Wildlife spokespeeps that wildlife will hunker down in bad times, and the strong will survive, and we shouldn't skew the gene pool by feeding and supporting the 'weaker' individuals, I skewed the gene pool and bet a lot of other people did too. We skew the gene pool by feeding and supporting members of our own species during bad times, so I confess to being a very bad Darwinian.


Today it is above 50 degrees F for the first time this year, I think. Spent part of the morning scratching around in the muck that used to be the garden to find any survivors (meaning herbs). The next post will detail what got found. This afternoon will be for seed starting the veggies (late again, but at least I'm consistent).

The snow from last month's blizzards is almost gone, and if our sanity and souls didn't go with it, here's to new beginnings, all.

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