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Friday, February 12, 2010

Crawling from the wreckage

Today is the eighth day after the first blizzard began. And the fourth day after the second blizzard began (I think. It's gotten kind of fuzzy.) After shoveling the driveway four times, and the mailbox three, I see pavement now thawing in the sun.

Unfortunately there is no pavement thawing in the sun for the approximately two tenths of a mile stretch leading into my neighborhood, so all the money we have paid independently to have our own neighborhood plowed (special taxing district, so we maintain our roads) has been largely wasted for those of us without four wheel drive- meaning moi.

Just two tenths of a mile separating me from freedom. And going to work. Which is where I would really prefer to be now instead of nursing aching muscles at home. It has gotten very stale. Will check later today and see if the county finally remembered that they own that pesky two tenths of a mile...

But the power didn't go out. Yet. And the roof didn't collapse. Yet. And there's food aplenty, although the wine has run dangerously low. Many of the neighbors, however, meaning the furred and feathered ones, do NOT have food aplenty at this point. So the front iceberg has now become an all purpose feeding station.

This is an experiment, as I don't know if any of the critters will get freaked out by the big blue tarp. Could have just thrown all of the seeds and nuts on top of the snow, and a lot of it would likely get eaten, but I thought if I spread out the tarp, then sprinkled the seed over it, and anchored it with some potting trays which could also serve as feeders, less of it would get lost to the melting we'll be seeing over the next three days- until the NEXT snowfall on Monday or Tuesday, that is. The weather dudes are promising that we'll probably just shrug that one off, it'll be no big deal, but I'm not placing any bets.

So far there is one squirrel chowing down, but on the seeded snow, not the seeded tarp. I will do periodic checks to see if the blue tarp feeder is a bust. If it is, no problem, the seed can just get tossed on the snow.

Which is what I did in the back yard, over last year's garden- making it the bird garden now, I guess.
Didn't put the seed in any trays out in the back, just sprinkled it around. If the various other gardening trays were not under 3-4 feet of snow out by the shed I would have put them to work too, but at this point I'm done shoveling.

Now it's time to go see if that infamous two tenths of a mile has been rediscovered by AA County. And time for the rest of the Mid-A to go check on their furred and feathered friends- make sure the soup's on, peeps!

Update: the county has likely abandoned this stretch of road. It was white knuckle driving in and out of the entrance to the neighborhood late this afternoon. Now I know why private citizens own Bobcats. Unfortunately they do not reside in my neck of the woods.


  1. Thats what brothers with snow blowers and ATV plows are for, right????

  2. All the more reason for me to get the muck out of Annapolis and closer to the bros with ATVs!