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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Black pearls

So they aren't anywhere near being black, and there aren't many yet, thanks mostly to a minuscule amount of sun but also a late start, but if I had enough to make a bowlful it would be the most beautiful bunch of 'maters I've ever grown. These are Chocolate Cherries, and finally getting the dusky, velvety, black-brown-red wash I bought the seeds for.

They are rich, sweet, winey, and all the other adjectives that get used for 'black' tomatoes. Just about an inch across, so the perfect cherry size. I was planning on doing a photo while they were still on the vine, but forgot the plan, so here they are hanging on a fence stake instead.

Also growing in the same shaded plot are Japanese Black Trifeles, which get to about 8 oz. or so, a nice medium size. Note: I don't understand why people grow geenormous tomatoes- I can't eat a whole one at one sitting and I hate them after they've been refrigerated. None of the Trifeles, however, were at the right stage of color to include in the photo. I've actually gotten several off the vine already, but most had (as I commented at another site) Sent From Hell cracks. Hey, even the backmost tomato in this pic had a huge crack- that's why it's in the back!

The normally wacky Mid-Atlantic weather stayed true to form this summer- cool later than normal, then instant tropicalness and a drought, then frequent violent death rain for several weeks (ergo Sent From Hell cracks), then no rain for several weeks and much cooler temps. Admittedly, it has been nice to turn off the AC for a while.

So at any rate. Currently I have some cuttings from the shade grown Chocolate Cherry plants growing roots in a pot, to be transplanted in the front yard shortly where there is at least a modicum of sun. I figure we've got better than two months of frost free weather to go, and will try for a last blast of velvety brown lusciousness- or at least enough seeds for next year, when, if I move, I might have a garden in the sun. Yay!

Now it's off to track down a good tomato chutney recipe on ze interwebs...