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Sunday, June 21, 2009

A wee harvest

It's not much yet. Everything went in late, per the usual non-plan. The radishes and greens were picked last week, the beans this week (look hard! They're in there!)

Waiting in the wings are the tomato plants, which are finally starting to take off, and now need stakes, a couple of tiny little eggplants and jalapenos plumping up, and squash blossoms scheming to take over the world. The Tiger's Eye shelling beans can't decide if they are pole or bush types, and I thought they were bush, so they are a little disheveled after recent storms- but the pods are filling out.

The parsley and basil finally look lovely, but we are far away from self sufficiency just yet. Sure is fun to harvest your own stuff though. Even if it's only a wee bit (bet this salad tips the scales at four ounces!!!)

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