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Sunday, May 10, 2009

It takes a neighbor

OK so it's probably way late to be digging a (sort of) new garden but that's the way it goes here. The little baby tiller crapped out yesterday, probably due to the five year old gas in it's little tank, so my next door neighbor was kind enough to drag out his tiller and BAM in ten minutes, I now have 342 square feet of bare ground I have to do something with.

Actually only 234 square feet will be planted, as the walkways are a little more than 100 square feet, but the last actual productive garden (a couple of years back) was less than what the current walkways are. No further tilling should be necessary as long as I keep traffic on the walkways.

Guess I should have had the garden plan figured out ahead of time. However the plan developed after the fact: one 30" bed along the neighbor's fence, a 2 foot walkway, a 4 foot bed, 2 foot walkway, one more 4 foot bed and 2 foot walkway, and a 30" bed at the opposite end. Turned out perfectly, as I'm going to fence the whole thing to keep critters domestic and wild out. The 30" beds at each end should be OK for reaching in from only one side. The ancient patio is going to come up little by little too, so the pavers can be put to use in the walkways.

There will be peas, beans, greens of all stripes, maybe beets, potatoes (!), tomatoes, peppers, eggplants (although the seedlings are not doing too well), and whatever else can get shoved into this sort of bastardized square foot garden setup.

A week or so ago I also found out why many of the seedlings don't always make it.

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