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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Got seeds?

Then you need seed envelopes. Admittedly it's too early to really be collecting any seeds yet, but one can always prepare.

Here's a tip of the hat to the hapless chard seedlings that never made it into the ground last year. (Their brethren this year are doing much better, thank you).

Download a PDF (4 envelopes per page) here, or open a new document in your word processor, set to landscape, and the margins to one tenth of an inch (0.1"), and copy the JPEG to the right four times onto the page. If you center everything, including the page layout, the margins will be even all around.

These end up to be about 3" high x 2.25" wide after folding and gluing- fold the side and bottom tabs in first, apply stick glue, and fold the back flap over them to seal. Small, but I've found this to be an almost perfect size for most of my seed collecting. Plus you get four to a page.

I swiped the envelope shape off the web a couple of years ago, then ravaged it in Paint Shop until it suited my needs, and have since tried about a baskillion different labels on the front. Beats paying real money for premades!


  1. Hey Green Devil- good luck with the exams. I remember those days very well..

    I hacked the original blog skin (your blog appears to be using the original) with different backgrounds I picked from the Web. Still learning how to do Cascading Style Sheets, which is what you have to learn nowadays to do web layouts, I tried bazillions of different backgrounds, changed borders and margins, tweaked on the photo and heading layouts, and basically just wasted way too much time doing it myself when I could have probably learned it faster by taking a class.

    But hey, it was fun 'cause I'm out of school now and exams are no longer an issue!

    Study hard, Green Devil, it will pay you back in spades...