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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Late start

The early seeds didn't fare too well; most of them have not gone into the ground. Some are in pots, some may go into the ground if I clear out a bed, but it may be curtains for most of them.

So what do we do? Start more seeds in the middle of July, when they're sure to be fried. Did some herbs, some annuals, some veggies, and next will start on the perennials. Which should be started now anyway, so they can get some roots going before winter. And of course if I decide I'm really going to sell the house and move somewhere with enough sun for a greenhouse, everything is probably going to get sacrificed in the move.

But it's still fun to watch the little monkeys sprout. The Pot of Gold chard in particular will be a nice color accent this fall, even if I'm not here to admire it.

Update 9/21/08: Still here, and probably will not move until next year, but the Pot of Gold chard just started making true leaves.

Moral: do not start chard in the blistering heat of summer, it will rebel.

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