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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Little criminals

Viola labradorica is one of my favorite violets. I think the color is better in the shade, new growth is a deep dusky purplish. The leaves here only get a twinge of purple, since they get blasting sun in the afternoon. So I have been trying to save the seeds, and they're hard to snag, due to the species being one of those bursting capsule types that flings open as soon as you've turned your back.

Well I managed to capture a few, and had them on the counter in a dish to let them dry out before storage, but they kept disappearing. Blamed it on the cats, figured they were playing swat the bug with the seed capsules. Got a few again, put them on the stove top (which is full of cuttings trying to root, so pretty crowded for cats), and this morning I caught the thieves!

Antz stealed my seedz! Actually they were trying to steal, but kept dropping them all over the stove, so I rescued most (of the seeds, that is).

The ant invasion was pretty late this year; they usually show up in the kitchen by April, but it wasn't til June before I saw the first of them. They are slowly petering out now- guess the water table has dropped to tolerable, ant-wise.

I also guess it never occurred to me that they might fancy tiny little seeds (good thing I'm not an ant.)

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